Seeking Farm Land

Anne Prichard, of Frontenac CFDC, and Richard Allen, County of Frontenac, are working with John Wernham, who is seeking to purchase or long-term lease a farm property.  

The description of John’s ideal farm land is outlined below.   Please feel free to circulate this information, should you know of anyone whom may be interested.
from John Wernham: 
During the 2020-2022 timeframe, I would be interested in being factored into the succession planning for a farm that is changing ownership, acquiring 50-100 acres.  Elements that I’d prefer to see would be good rolling or sloping topography (aiding air movement to protect against frosts), with an existing utility/machine shed (or suitable building site for such) and a reliable water source (for irrigation during planting year and spray mixes in production years).  Electrical service isn’t an initial requirement.
At the small end, a parcel of 10 acres would be a suitable start so long as there was a very high likelihood of connecting it to a larger parcel within 3 years of initial orchard planting.  In that case, it would be preferable to have that initial site somewhere with very good road access and high desirability for being the spot where the cider house is eventually built -- waterfront would be highly preferable.
At the high end, 200-300 acres could be the largest size I end up with, contingent upon how the overall situation develops with other cideries in the region and what the balance between orchard/livestock/cidery ends up being.  It is highly doubtful that I’d be able to finance such a large purchase from the outset, but perhaps a cooperative agreement could be made with other cideries in order to establish a common “Frontenac County Cider & Perry Orchard” to create a common resource that could give the region’s cideries an edge.
In all cases, a very long-term lease (30-50 years) could be an option instead of purchasing. This might be appealing for some, especially in cases where a family is maintaining an estate without necessarily farming the land themselves.
If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please contact John Wernham -- johnwernham@hotmail.com




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